Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mental Illness medicine

I never thought mental illness medication is much more expensive than physical - furthermore the impact to my life is also quite significant and prolong. No wonder those who have gone permanently crazy or mentally disturbed have no cure and have their life wasted. It's crazy when i have some panic attack due to bad dreams and also because of bad past experience that I've gone through. It's started to make me shiver and feel like passing out. I went to the doctor and this is what he gave me. Now to get exhausted physical than mentally by doing some physical works. Never get into this situation because when it happens it's very very tough in life and could jeopardize your job and family

Pristig = for Anxiety

Rivotil = for Insomnia

Xanax = for calming down

Clonazepam = for sleeping. Taking the clonazepam too much could result in hangover the next day and the experience is not so pleasant

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