Monday, August 24, 2015

Durian fruit great taste - reduce bad burping smell

Sugar and fat is probably the main characteristic to the gassy nature of the Durian fruit. Based on wikipedia article it contribute an estimated of 600+ kJ of energy and 436 mg of potassium. It taste definitely irresistible due to the natural sugar generated from the seed. However the gassy nature will bring out bad smell when it is burped out from the stomach - as a result some people avoid durian at all cost due to its unpopular burping smell. Apart from that it is also contribute heat to the body that can result in sore throat especially when eating too much during hot sunny day.

All these is not a problem if you know the trick how to calm down the gas using salt and reducing the foul smell using citric acid (i.e. lime). Though i am not a chemical expert but common sense just make me keep trying to find this solution and it seems to work. People use to drink salt - dissolved in plain water to calm the gas down and this has been practice for many decades ago until now. Despite of the reduction of gas through the help of salt the bad smell still being release during burping. So I thought since people use lime to clean plates, meat smells, bad breath, and washing their hands then it could be working for the stomach too. I use to try it back then whenever i was eating durian just squeezed some lime fruit, add salt and a little bit of water to add the volume and drink it. The result is quite surprising - although there is burp occasionally but the foul smell is reduce significantly - so ever since i keeping doing this after durian fruit. It works great.

Salt + Lime = To keep the gas down and reduce the foul burping smell after eating durian

Durian fruit with thorn skin - small but fleshy

In Bidayuh we call this bua' sikuk :)...very famous word that maybe you can't find in any other language. It's the durian flesh with the tips and usually very thick flesh and nice to eat.

Looking at these makes me want to eat more durian...good stuff to exercise my desire for durian.

Durian seed with a little bit flesh left after eating it. Look at the see through membrane of flesh made of natural sugar very sweet and tasty. Not like human made sugar it's just enough for the brain to think its so smooth and nice to eat.

Dried seeds after keeping for few days.

I have cut and dissected the seed and tasted it's not bad almost tasteless but there is something that make it edible. It can be cooked and eaten as it content protein and starch. The seed without the brown skin as below is slimy - there is a mucous liquid coming out of it and very slippery. I thought it could be natural glycerin but i am not sure what it is.  Have tried to extract it but not enough tools/method available to get the slimy juice coming out of the seed.

Notice there is yellow line in between the center of the seed - that is where the budding flower will grow out when it is planted.

The seed eyes where the budding flower will grow out.

This is how the seed look like when it is boiled in hot water. The slimy juice will come out and it's sticky.

I am pretty sure there is a lot of good thing about durian that one day we can get from it. For example the sweetness of the sugar, the gas, and also the slimy juice of the seed - It could be very useful for us at least nice food for now :).

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