Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cheap and effective remedy for sore throat (cough) and blocked nose

Out of the many medicines and remedies that I've tried throughout my life to cure sore throats and blocked nose didn't work as good as Hydrogen Peroxide. I feel like probably all other medicine either not effective or not targeting the root cause of the problem.

Usually blocked nose and sore throat comes hand in hands since the organs is connected to one another. And the root cause of this sickness is simple some viruses that cause the mucus to filled up the nose causing it to block and eventually running down to the throat. If the mucus doesn't go away it will always be there sometimes can extend up to weeks or even months. And of course its annoying as well as frustrating.

Apart from that experiencing sore throat and stuffy nose usually result in cold fever, headache, or sometimes difficulty to breath during sleeping. Most medicine and remedies that I've tried throughout life i can name with the like of

1. Strepsils
2. Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu dan Anak
3. Woods
4. Fisherman's friend
5. Dequadin
6. Doctor's prescribed liquid medicine
7. Breacol
8. Ubat batuk cap kelapa laut
9. Lemon juice
10. Cough syrup
11. Honey

After i know the Hydrogen peroxide - I've come to realized all the listed remedies above are pretty useless because it does not tackle the real root cause of the problem which is the mucus. I know this when using the hydrogen peroxide 6% solution - when the mucus are out of my nose I can feel i am recovered from the illness right away. Although the mucus maybe back but after few days of application its all gone and well.

How i use it?

1. Add in some drops of hydrogen peroxide and add in some water. I don't really have a fixed measurement probably 1 table spoon of hyrogen peroxide mixed with quarter cup of water. Sometimes a bit more or less it doesn't really matter.

2. Get a bottle with the spray mechanism nozzle and pour the solution inside. Spray it inside the blocked nose and try to push out the mucus it should be easy. Make sure you push out all the mucus until you feel all no longer there. Be advised you will feel burning sensation when spraying inside your nose and if it is too strong just add more water.

3. Do the same measurement as in step 1 and this time keep inside a cup - use the solution to gargle several time.

4. After the mucus are gone you will feel recovered right away - this is because that is the problem.

Be warned not to try this on children especially gargle because they might accidentally swallowed it.

Hydrogen peroxide food grade are quite cheap and widely available in pharmacy. Read more here the benefit of hydrogen peroxide

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  1. Today another testimonial from a friend of mine who happened to have toothache. Most of the he tried starting from toothpaste, listerine, gambir, etc wasn't work so well but after we gave him hydrogen peroxide to gargle it works right away..amazing stuff