Thursday, December 25, 2014

How to make your stomach absorb food better

Absorbing food nutrition is important to your body, otherwise all the things you have eaten are wasted. So how to make food easier to be absorbed by your body


In order for the stomach to absorb rice better, cook it in the form of porridge. The energy you gain from porridge will take effect within 5 to 10 minutes after eating it. Of course it will also drain out faster and make you hungry quicker. Why porridge is easier to absorb because of the water contain use to cook it and also the softness of the rice structure.

Mashed or Boiled Sweet Potato

Mashed potato or boiled potato are easier to digest compare to frying them. Furthermore the water being absorb by the potato are useful for the digestion process providing the stomach to extract the fiber much better. Boiled potato are one of the best source of fiber

Sweet Potato = Highest in Vitamin A (14000 IU)

Potassium = 337 mg

Measurement per 100mg

Boiled Corn

Boil the corn instead of frying them, because steaming the corn contract water inside the corn which is useful for digestion process. Corn are one of the best source of fiber

High in calories = 365

Potassium = 287 mg

Measurement per 100mg

Boiled/Steamed Pumpkin

Boiled or steamed pumpkin making it soft and contained water, making it easier to digest and extract by the stomach

Pumpkin = High in Vitamin A (8513 IU)

Potassium = 340 mg

Measurement per 100mg

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