Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ginger Juice and Latex

Interesting product from mother nature - the ginger claims to have many benefits to the human body. This is my testing to make juice from the ginger and it turns out that there is latex residual with Alkalinity around PH 7.5 to 8. The latex is very sticky and tend to absorb water - after testing it i feel like this is the most spicy part of the ginger instead of the juice itself. If the latex powder is burn directly to a fire or someone smoking it could make them high due to the alkalinity content like Tobacco.

Ginger latex tend to absorb water - when squeeze it looks dry but when leave un-touch the water start to spreadout

This litmus paper test shows the Ginger latex is alkaline at the PH rating around 7.5 to 8

Ginger latex stick at the bottom of the glass jar. It tends to settle down at the bottom because it is much heavier and sticky. You have to scrap it out to take the latex - it probably contains around 2 to 5 percent of the total ginger juice extracted

The ginger latex when it dries out it turns into powder and when tasted it - this is the most spicy part of the ginger. Not the juice or the fibers

Extracted ginger juice

Ginger latex is white in color and it tends to settle at the bottom of the glass. In most plant latex is what makes them bitter i guess this should be the same with the ginger

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