Sunday, July 26, 2015

Making E-Cigarette Liquid Experiment DIY

An experiment using normal bakery chemical stuff to make e-cigarette liquid solution using the following

Flavors using liquid paste

1. Cappuccino
2. Coffee
3. Strawberry

Additional solution

1. Glycerin - bakery grade
2. Propelyne Glycol - USP grade

Mix solution

PG = 60%
VG = 40%
Flavors = 5% to 20%

No taste - but the vapor quite normal

PG = 30%
VG = 30%
Flavor = 40%

No taste - and vapor not strong

In conclusion the bakery grade chemical seems to reveal the lack of quality to produce a good e-liquid as too much flavors will result in no vapor at all. This is because lack of Vegetable Glycerin solution meant less vapor or smoke. Otherwise having adequate VG but lack of flavor will result in less taste to the e-liquid. 

Another significant difference is the bakery grade product either the glycerin or the flavor paste can cause a minor headache when vaping it quite often. In addition accompany by the feeling of sleepiness. This is very serious health issue using the bakery solution.

This is an example one of the best E-Liquid sold in Malaysia at RM40 each 30ml small bottle. The taste is satisfying and smell is mesmerizing - very very nice

Side Effect

1. Too much of Vegetable Glycerin - cause heart burn effect this is proven tested and also confirmation from the forum I have tested this few times since people say VG is safe to use and so i use 80% VG and the rest are just flavors and PG or alcohol. It makes me feel sleepy and a little bit of headache and also heartburn effect. It could be that due to the viscosity of the VG it added to the blood and cause such health effect. So higher VG is not so good.

Next Test

1. Absorption test
2. Viscosity test
3. Mixing test - done


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