Friday, February 6, 2015

Penetrex Inflammation Formulation - Muscle and Joint Pain Massage Cream

I have lower back pain due to the nerve gone wrong somewhere i've no idea what exactly it is. When sitting down i can obviously feel the pain and i have no cure for it despite using many products to massage the nerve.

I made my research and found the penetrex  have the most highly reviewed products for joint, muscle cramp, etc. Now i have and use it - the result is fantastic, after one time use the nerve seems to be fine now and the pain is much less and almost nothing at all. Although this is a short review but it really works for me. You got to try it at least for once

How to use?

Penetrex is external massage cream. To use it just apply the cream to the surface area where the pain is and massage thoroughly until it absorbed into the skin. Very simple i think anyone knows how to do it.

The bottle is rather small with net weight 2 OZ (57 g). Here it is.

Another testimony from my aunt whose fingers is practically numb due to hard fall. The fingers is like dead can't really move and sometimes experiencing excruciating pain. After i gave her this cream to massage her fingers she told me the pain is less and the numb fingers seems to respond although not much. The significant improvement is having less painful that's a good progress. So this is really good stuff i guess at least i tried it for once. 

Another testimony from myself after having a slight pain on my knee, there is a swollen nerve somewhere on the side of the knee cap. The pain is little but annoyingly poking when walking. However after applying the penetrex it's getting better now. This is just a record of my experience for future reference.

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