Monday, October 12, 2015

Some chemical I keep at home

These are some safe home chemical stuff that I've keep at home - some of the turn into remedy while others become effective cleaning agent. It's nice to have them and it came quite a long way for me to keep these chemical and make them as useful as possible

Potassium sorbate: preservative agent

Coconut oil: many health benefit such as hair oil, massage oil, etc. Some people believe that coconut is a good oil to massage your body and for that I've tried it myself. In my personal opinion the coconut oil doesn't bring significant impact to the massaged body. Perhaps it is really good for hair but not for massage at least not for me. So the placebo effect doesn't work for me and of course physically tested also NO...

Gelatin: making gel

Hydrogen peroxide: Most useful chemical that does a lot of things

Magnesium sulfate: most effective to keep muscle soft

Natrium bicarbonate: Good for many uses

Sodium benzoate: Preservative

Spirit: Fuel and also good for cleaning stainless steel

Turmeric: Plenty of health benefits to the human body

Alum: Aftershave ingredient and water purification

Litmus paper: to test acidity and basic (alkalinity) of chemical solution

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