Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review massage ointment tiger balm, sebatian gamat, and Voren

Massage ointment by Sebatian Gamat and Tiger Balm - testing the effectiveness

This is the traditional ointment called Gamat the most popular massage oil among the old folks and to some of today's generation. Despite of it's very basic looks and without any heat effects or menthol - there is some good effect to my back relieves some of the sharp pains that I've been experiencing. Although it may not be 100% effective but I am pretty sure there is positive effect from this ointment.

This is the Tiger Balm massage cream and it's certainly one of the hottest feeling that I've ever experience when applying to my skin. The burning sensation is quite intense and I can feel my skin almost burnt - although it's not going to burn :). After trying it the impact to my back nerve isn't fix after all - and for the record I've been applying it quite often but it seems nothing much changes. My back aching still linger and I have to find alternative for this. Too hot but no effect..and will keep this aside for the time being and maybe there is other use i am not too sure.

This is what I've got from the Medical Center a prescribed massage cream called Voren. It's very costly that one tube of 20 grams is about RM30 each. They said it's very effective but after using it I feel this is the most useless of all I've tried so far

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