Friday, October 9, 2015

Brew my own massage cream and organic shampoo

Medicine and hair products these days are getting expensive and yet their effectiveness is far from expectations. So I've tried to do in more natural manner although it still contain synthetic chemical to prevent it from getting eaten by fungus and bacteria. However the natural ingredient content are much more compare to the manufactured one.

My hope is making it cheap and high level of effectiveness. Even if it may not work at least i's nothing to lose anyway.

Massage cream...more synthetic and capable of making stiff tissue becoming softer again and relieve it to its original position

Shampoo - 50/50 organic and synthetic chemical

Personally I've tried both of them better than those manufactured shampoo and massage cream. The shampoo get rid of my itchy scalp and the massage cream relieve my stiffed muscle...most importantly it's cheaper now than buying them all the time.

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