Sunday, August 2, 2015

Turmeric and garlic keeps away bacteria

I was testing to prove if the turmeric and garlic can keeps away bacteria - so i've grounded a piece of turmeric as big as index finger and few clove of garlic using mortar. Then add distilled water and simmer in low heat. When it starting to release some smells turn off the fire and pour them into a plastic jar. Keep in the refrigerator to cool it and once it is done put it somewhere undisturbed.

I was expecting it would become stale in a couple days - but surprisingly after one week later the smell of turmeric and garlic is still good and not going bad at all. Which means the bacteria is not breeding in it despite of the present of water. Could this be an evidence the turmeric and garlic could keeps away from bacteria.

Mixture of starch and carbohydrate will make the solution grow fungus and produce methane gas.

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