Friday, August 28, 2015

Cooking durian flower

Durian season fruit is time of plentiful - before it bear all the fruits that we eat first it produces the flowers and most of them will fall on the ground naturally or by the help of the wind blows. It's not only nourishes the earth but we can pick and cook them.

The cooking recipe is not so difficult - it's just require shrimp paste (belacan) and some chicken stock then get it deep fried. We call it "suat dien"

Takal joman aluok isok no'uh musim dien bibuak - suba mok ogik sobak dolas liga odi di libuak tongon kajon suat eh tih labuk. Nye' mok tuk gan di lagak atau juah/jumuok pakai toban palik ke boli. Mokuok noh goleng pakai samal biing in otok bijagoi nang eh. Sidik and Masog!!

Sak eh ogik geh nyam I'ieng smongi bijagoi daang blog tih ;).

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