Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cassava Root

In Bidayuh we call it Banuak or Ubi in Malay. It's full carbohydrate and very filling to eat beside its very tasty. There are few ways it can be cooked

1. Grill
2. Fry in hot cooking oil
3. Boil

Many more other ways that i don't know - but this is how it looks after boiled

An interesting inner layer of the root skin is almost red in color. When the root is still on the ground alive with the stem no bacteria or living creatures are attacking it. What is the secret to protect the inner flesh?

Outer layer of the skin stem

There is a sponge thing in the middle of the stem don't know what the purpose. This stem can easily grows if it stick to the ground or just throw on the healthy soil. That's why human of the past probably can easily getting food from it because of it's easy and speedy growth

Cut stem of the tapioca

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