Friday, April 17, 2015

Eating Pomelo to clean stomach

Some claim that Pomelo is a good cleaning agent for the stomach just like it's closely related family lime, lemon, and oranges to provide vitamin C and citric acid to the stomach. For example the citric acid from the lemon and oranges or lime can clean smelly meat smell from from your hands or mouth. It is really effective and no doubt about it you can try when dealing with meat or fish during cooking. Those smells are tough to remove using kitchen detergent but the lime, oranges, or lemons can do it perfectly in fact it smells nice. It must work for the internal stomach too.

As for the Pomelo it is less sour so not sure if it's really good but it is surely tasty to eat and i can finish one fruit all by myself. I haven't try to turn into juice it must be taste nice too - for the time being i just eating it the conventional way. I am going to try eating this with sweet potato and see how is the result.

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