Friday, February 27, 2015

The many benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

This video explains the many benefits of hydrogen peroxide. Nice and cheap stuff

This one good comment

it doesn't bleach your teeth - they are naturally white - it removes the bacteria (plaque etc) that discolours them - if you swirl it round in your mouth for a few minutes check out the colour of the stuff you spit out. That;s not what a bleach does.... H2O2 is actually what your white blood cells are - it cannot affect healthy body tisuue - put 6 drops in an ear and listen to it bubbling as it destroys the bacteris - however, if the ears are clogged with wax get a GP to wahs them out as the H2O2 is best as a maintenance application to keep ears clear and teeth white. If you put a bottle of it in the bath then fill up the bath you will be bathing in pure water after just 15 minutes - it's used to purify water in some situations around the world - iodine also purifies water - remeber however, your body doesn't make anything that will harm you and H2O2 is in fact your white blood cells.

Another great comments

I was massively skeptical to begin with, because bullshit is often wrapped in pretty words like "happy, healthy and wealthy". As for other hydrogen peroxide treatments I've not been able to find any scientifically sound studies confirming beneficial effects (fancy talk for no evidence). However it does work for bleaching teeth and reducing plaque, which isn't really surprising and has been known for a loooong time.

Here's a study from PubMed confirming it:
For all the rednecks out there, the government is on your side on this one. For the batshit crazy alternative medicine people, this isn't alternative (sorry, you're not special). For the weird guy in the video, bleaching teeth by eating apples is more natural than spraying chemicals (H2O2 is not natural medicine).

Here's a shitload of information from SCCP (Scientific Committee on Consumer Products) of the European Commission, with sources (those often lack when idiots play scientists). It's about products containing hydrogen peroxide, but the study focuses on the hydrogen peroxide part of it.

My personal subjective opinion on this video: This guy is an idiot despite having valid points. Looks like he took something scientific and tried to sell the idea as pseudo-science, I think it takes a special kind of stupid to do that.

Also while searching I stumbled across countless articles using "studies have shown", but not a single reference to mentioned studies. Much of it was referring to bullshit, quacks and pseudo-science. It's really weird considering it's actual scientific fact and mixing in the bullshit isn't necessary, if anything it confuses people and harms the credibility of the claims presented.

So there you go guys, I sorted out the crap for you and left the truth.

Treating Cold Flu using Hydrogen peroxide

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