Monday, February 23, 2015

Epsom Salt to relieve muscle constraint.

I got this EPSOM salt from the Guardian store for RM5.70 - as i was inspired by some videos on Youtube how to revive dead batteries using the Epsom Salt. Anyway it's not that expensive so i am just trying to experiment something. Based on the label the Epson Salt is mixture of Magnesium Sulfate, and whatever that is not so important to me.

After buying it - i was making further research about the usage of Epsom Salts and quite surprisingly it is very useful product indeed especially to human health. As you can read here there are many benefits of the Epsom Salts.

A great video by Mix Martial doctor how to reduce weight using Epsom Salt before the weigh in

So i am going to try experimenting this Epsom Salt to relieve stiffed muscle fingers that i have from playing guitars.

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